Of Mikis, Roxys and Albels

Buenos días, tardes, etcetera. Para los que les interese hoy es mi cumpleaños asi que deseenme cosas buenas y denme dinero LOL. Este... mi vida ha sido de lo mas caótica ultimamente. He dado probablemente el paso mas grande que dare en toda mi vida, o bueno quizás el segundo. De cualquier manera deseenme suerte y espero sobrevivir y molestarlos aun por aquí. La historia de hoy me vino en mente despues de ver unos posters que subió Miki a su facebook, y espero que para aquellos que les interese la lengua inglesa, se puedan leer este mini cuento que se me ocurrió. Probablemente lo traduzca, si hay suficientes votos para ello. Si no, meh, así lo dejó. Disfruten...

Of Mikis, Roxys and Albels

Let me tell you a tale of ancient folklore, a tale to remember from times of before. A spell on your eyes I might cast, as we ravel on the history of our ancestors past. It is not a curse or a threat, just a warning of how this tale is great. Enough of the nonsensical talking, and let us start with our heroes walking…

It was cold winter evening, if my mind is still finely remembering. But let’s leave it at cold and deserted, for our heroes adventures from this landscape started. Our little heroine, main star of the night, was baptized Miki for she was born from a root that sprouted while the sun was bright. Little and inexperienced she was, but when the cold her family assaulted she was the first who traveled afar. A cure for the sun to return was his mission to find, but nowhere could she find it and was caught in a bind. For you see from a root of a wise old tree she was born, and her mother – the tree was dying, from this cold winter front. She was sure a reason must be for her mother so much to be suffering as much, and as he traveled he asked animals, plants and such. 

To tell you the true little Miki was easily frightened, and a cry baby too. But nowhere in her face a tear would you find, not only for fear of it freezing, but because she always had a front of being awfully smart and kind. Not only was this fraught, but also exaggeration, she could as cry as easy as her foot on mud to be caught But precisely as this as a cause she set on the journey, just because she wanted to be strong; truly. 

Days had passed and the night was setting, and as for Miki a cold she was getting. She hugged herself and halted, unable of starting a fire in fear of being toasted. Was when she almost fainted, that a scaredy fox approached the shivering twig:

Are you also afraid of the night?”

The fox asked, at which Miki replied.

“I’m not scared of you or the night; I’m just cold and tired.”

The fox was intrigued as to why it was scary, even though she was scared herself. She might’ve presented herself threatening, and for that she was willing to amend.

“I’m not scary, as scaredy I am, truth be told of the night I’m afraid. I didn’t mean to intimidate you more than to be reassured. To find someone that isn’t scared is a relief for my paws. If you don’t mind my coat, we can sleep together until the sun warms up the day.”

Little Miki was confused, why should a fox be scared, a trap might’ve been but she could die either way. By the cold or by the fox’s stomach she could have her live taken. Might as well be the stomach for is warm and a little less drama queen thingy.

“I’m Roxy, what is your name stranger?”

Asked the fox as she rolled over Miki, to shield her from the cold, they hid under a tree base much like Miki’s mother which put her at ease.


She murmured as she fell asleep. She was tired of walking and weeping when nobody saw. To which Roxy smiled and covered her with her paws.

The morning came soon, melting some of the ice. And as the first rays crossed the tree base, Miki was up. She pushed the fox’s paws as she stretched herself. She ventured outside and wanted to move right away. But before she journeyed again, she woke up Roxy and said to the fox.

“Thank you for shielding me is there anything I can give you back.”

The fox was still sleepy and couldn’t think fast. She paused for a long moment, and didn’t know what to ask. Finally she thought of an answer and managed to ask. 

“Can I travel with you so I can sleep in the night, being lonely and fearful has gotten me tired.”

Miki didn’t understand the reason, a fox should be fearful, but as any root child could think of she just smilingly replied.

“Fine by me…”

And as they walked Miki explained to Roxy, what her mission was. She was astonished and interested all in awe. She could’ve never believed such a small root child could try, venturing so far for her mother’s pain to calm. She felt encouraged and happy to have found someone to aspire in bravery, and was ready to follow along and afar.

The days passed, and they finally ended up in the mountain where the cold seem to be born. Both tried to climb but an impossible trial it had become. Interested and almost laughing a little owl saw them from yonder. He flew to a nearby tree branch and saw them both ponder.

“We can’t climb this Roxy, what should we do?”

“I’m not sure; all I know is the forest on morning. Nothing on how to mountains climb”

The little owl got interested and landed on Miki’s head – surprised them both as he said.

“A root child and a scaredy fox, what an interesting pair, what is your attempt to climb Jack’s mountain seemingly wants to attain.”

Miki shook her head, for she wasn’t a perch. But as soon as she stopped moving the owl will land again. It amused him to see her in distress. She finally surrendered and asked the owl’s request.

“We want to stop the cold that is killing my mother’s forest, and we were led by the cold to this mountain as a source to be conquered.”

The owl twisted his head that which frightened Roxy who hid behind a nearby tree. He was again amused by their reactions, and decided to tell:

“This is Jack’s Mountain, Jack Frost lives up there. Surely he manages the winter’s cold, and would know of your solution. But to climb his mountain, more than a scaredy fox’s attempt and a root child’s courage would it take.”

He saw them both and with a hoot he frightened Roxy again. He laughed to himself and said.

“You two amuse me, so I shall tell you the way, follow me quickly and be not led astray. This mountain is treacherous and full of Jack’s toys”

He began to fly away from Miki’s head and direction’s he said as he slowly glided by.

“My name is Albel, and I shalt be your guide. Through Jack’s mountain by my rules you best abide.”

Frights and spooks they received from time to time, but Albel was true to his word and took them to the top of the ravine.

By the third day of journey they arrived at their destination, Jack’s cabin, frozen and peaceful. 

“You’re here now what to do?”

Asked the owl as he perched on the doorways arch.

“We will convince him to shut the cold, and let my mother rest. It is time to spring to arise once again.

Said the courageous Miki as he opened the gates, and as soon as she did Albel landed on her head.

“Shalt we…”

Said the little owl as Roxy and Miki, walked into the house. There was nothing on sight just Ice and a mess, of what seemed to be Jack’s properties and some old rests.

They ventured up on to Jack’s Room, where he was sleeping and didn’t wake by chance. The alarm clock seemed to be smashed, and the three gulped down saliva as they feared for their lives if they somehow waked him up. Upon closer inspection Miki saw the clock, it seemed it pointed the station and spring had just ranged. It seemed the old Jack was too tired to wake up and turn the cold down. So Miki decided to do it on her own.

The three searched for the machinery room, at the end of the hallway and quickly found it as Albel with a hoot alarmed it. So many buttons and levers, they didn’t knew what to push or turn. Albel simply flew off Miki’s head and landed on a lever that said on and off. As he landed it slide to off, and the winter seemed to stop on a moment, as the warmth rose up.

Jack woke up from his slumber obviously mad, for his favorite winter was gone, he searched for culprits and found three intruders on his machine hall. 


“Your job old moron, no need to yell!”

Roxy replied, in an instant, astonishing the other two. So frightened and distant, but sure to stop the bullies in a moment, Roxy was now feared by the two and was not to be played with – in case she got mad.

Jack thought to himself and ran to the room, finding the broken clock he almost melted in shame. He asked forgiveness of the three, to which Miki simply pouted, Roxy forgave and Albel just laughed at the three.

At mountain’s descent Miki thought to herself, how Roxy was brave despite how she was always afraid. She suddenly embraced the fox and said for herself.

“I’m not always courageous, but I at least pretend. Now I know there is no need to pretend, as long as you can act when it’s needed. Thank you brave fox, for showing me this”

Roxy’s face turned bright red as she was embarrassed of being seen that way. Albel just laughed and flew off to a branch almost leaving as Miki something said.

“You insufferable owl, are a jest and a shallow person, but your word you kept. You might be annoying but I know if we need you you’ll be there.”

Albel just laughed as he flew off, Miki had learnt a lot from a fox and an owl. But she was still to learn more If she wanted to stop being a child from a root…

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anama dijo...

Me encanto el cuento :D
Fue muy mágico, una faceta diferente del escritor, me pareció maravilloso el leerlo, voto por que se traduzca.
Felicidades al autor en su cumpleaños, ojala que haya recibido muchos regalos y buenos momentos.

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